Gas Leak at Radnor High School
By Deputy Chief Joe Maguire
April 12, 2024

At 10:15 this morning, RFC was dispatched to the high school for a gas leak inside the building.
The students had already begun to exit the building.
Chief 15 arrived and established command.
Quint 15 arrived and was ordered to ladder the building and send a crew inside to meet Assistant 15B to investigate the leak.
Crews immediately detected a strong odor of natural gas in one wing of the building.
Engine 15 arrived and ordered to stop at the hydrant and be prepared to lay in to the Quint. The Engine crew entered the building with meters.
Squad 15 arrived and the crew was ordered to place fans in the building to begin ventilation.
PECO had already been notified by Command to respond to the scene and arrived within a short time.
An engine from Berwyn had covered a call in Radnor during this incident and responded to the high school after they cleared the other call.
The firefighters and the PECO crew located the source in one of the rooms. PECO isolated the leaking gas lines.
Ventilation continued until all traces of gas were gone.
RFC cleared the scene in ninety minutes and returned to the firehouse.

Units: Chief 15, Quint 15, Engine 15, Squad 15
Mutual Aid: Berwyn Engine 2-2