Fire On Lancaster Avenue
By Chief Joe Maguire
October 21, 2022

Right after 7 PM on Thursday, October 20th, Radnor Fire Company was dispatched to an automatic alarm in the 100 block of East Lancaster Avenue.
Chief and Deputy 15 arrived two minutes after dispatch to find smoke visible inside a closed business. The assignment was upgraded to a building fire which brought the balance of RFC and an engine from Berwyn Fire Company.
Crews were able to obtain a key and entered the business with an 1 3/4" line. The initial sweep inside the business disclosed a smoke condition on the first floor and basement but the source was not located. Deputy 15 assumed Lancaster Avenue Command and Chief 15 assumed Operations. Paoli Fire Company was requested for Tower 3 and Bryn Mawr Fire Company was added for an engine.
Several thermal imaging cameras were brought into the building to locate the source of the smoke.
During TIC operations, an area of the ceiling was found to have elevated temperatures and crews were directed to open the ceiling.
Crews found a smoldering fire involving the ceiling joists near electric lines and the gas line. The electric and gas services were shut down for the store and the apartment above.
PECO was requested for both electric and gas.
The fire was extinguished and crews opened up a little more of the ceiling to check for extension and found none.
Command requested the township codes official and fire marshal to the scene.
Crews cleared the scene within two hours and returned to the firehouse to clean equipment and re-pack hose.

Units: Chief 15, Deputy 15, Engine 15, Quint 15, Squad 15
Mutual Aid: Chester County Engine 2-3 and Tower 3, Montgomery County Engine 23