Elevator Emergency Management Operations Training
By Chief Joe Maguire
May 9, 2022

RFC hosted Elevator Emergency Management - Operations training on May 7-8, 2022. The class was offered by Dragon Rescue Management, Inc. and Elder Technical Rescue Services, LLC. This class has been instructed all across the country, including as a hands-on training at the Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC).

This course is designed for the trained professionals that respond to emergencies involving stalled elevators. Emergency personnel with inadequate training in handling elevator emergencies are exposed to an increased risk of injury or death to both the victim and themselves. This comprehensive course provided emergency responders with intensive classroom and hands-on training on how to safely and effectively remove passengers from stalled elevators.

Topics included: nomenclature, safety, how an elevator functions, construction, elevator safety devices, possible equipment needed, initial response steps, restarting a stalled elevator, lock/out – tag/out procedures, elevator doors, use of hoistway door keys, poling, removal of passengers from stalled elevators, and manually lowering a hydraulic elevator.

Twelve members of RFC completed the course along with an equal number of firefighters from other local fire companies.