RFC Assists Paoli Fire Company
By WatchDesk
September 23, 2021

WAYNE, PA - On Thursday, September 23rd, RFC was dispatched to assist the Berwyn Fire Company on Brookmead Road in Tredyffrin Township. A power issue in the area caused two separate homes to have electrical issues inside. RFC firefighters helped with ventilating the smoke inside the residence.

As RFC was clearing the scene, a call for assistance was received from the Paoli Fire Company. Paoli was on location on Longcourse Lane in Tredyffrin Township where an electric line fell and came in contact with a metal fence, energizing it. There was concern that the energized fence may cause a fire inside the house.

RFC firefighters arrived and placed the ladder in service to the roof of the house, as well as, assisting Paoli firefighters with a Thermal Imaging Camera to search for any hidden fire/heat and stretching a hose line.
After PECO arrived at the scene and secured the electric line, RFC was made available by Paoli Command.