Lightning Storm Causes Damage to Home
By WatchDesk
August 10, 2021

WAYNE, PA - On Tuesday, August 10th at 9:34 p.m., Radnor Fire Company was dispatched to a house in the Northwoods section of Radnor Township for a possible lightning strike.

Arriving crews found that lightning had struck a tree on the property and extended to the underground wiring for a dog fence. This resulted in the ground being blown out around the wire and a surge which terminated in the garage of the residence, scorching various electrical components and tripping the main breaker for the house.

Firefighters checked the interior and exterior of the house with a thermal imaging camera which did not indicate any smoldering fires inside the walls.

PECO was notified to respond to evaluate the residence. RFC firefighters cleared the scene after approximately 40 minutes on scene.

Units: Chief 15, Deputy 15, Quint 15, Engine 15