Water Rescue Team in Service
By Watchdesk
December 20, 2020

WAYNE, PA - On Saturday, December 19th, at 1:20 p.m., Radnor Fire Company was dispatched to assist Radnor Police at a pond located near the intersection of Church Road and Darby Paoli Road in Radnor Township.

A passerby reported seeing a sled in the middle of the pond with no one around it. Fearing that someone may have fallen in the water, they called 911.

Radnor Fire Company responded and had several members suited up in water rescue gear. Deputy Chief Michael Maguire climbed out on a ladder which was extended out to the sled and checked the area by breaking through the ice to check for any victims. With no victims located, the sled was removed from the pond to prevent any further calls to this location.