RFC Members Certified in Water Rescue
By NewsDesk
September 17, 2020

WAYNE, PA - This past August, twelve members of the Radnor Fire Company completed the Water Rescue and Emergency Response Course - Operations Level. This course, which follows NFPA 1670 Standard for Technical Rescue, covered planning for water emergencies, water terminology and dynamics, medical conditions, personal and team safety and fundamental rescue techniques (self and shore-based rescue). This level represents the capability of hazard recognition, equipment usage, and techniques necessary to safely and effectively support and participate in a technical rescue incident.

RFC members attended classroom training, including a written test. Training was also held at the Radnor High School pool for a swim test and to practice various techniques that are necessary to successfully conduct a rescue. The training culminated with a practical exercise in the Schuylkill River where all aspects of swift water rescue were put together. The training session included defensive and aggressive swimming techniques, self-rescue, and multiple rescuer crossing techniques to reach and remove a victim.

These twelve members are now added to the nine other members of RFC, who previously attained this same level of certification, to provide additional rescue services to the communities we serve.

RFC also has twenty-one other members who are in the process of obtaining this same level of certification. Thank you to the Commissioners of Radnor Township who provided funding for the dry suits and equipment for the water rescue team.

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